What Your Cat’s Sleeping Positions Mean: Feelings and Health Issues


Cats sleep more than half of their lives and their sleep is very important. Sleeping positions can tell your cats' feelings and health issues.

Sleeping Positions tell their Feelings


No 1. All Feet on the Floor



Cats place all their feet on the floor like a sitting position. It means that they are alert to run away at any time. Street cats exposed to risk or cats taking a light sleep or a short break may sleep in this position.

No 2. Cat Loaf



Cats with limbs tucked under their body, also known as Cat Loaf, feel more comfortable than cats in a sitting position. Still, cats in this position are somewhat alert. Also, cats do a bread loaf to keep their body warm in the winter.

No 3. Curled Up



This position means a cat's body is round, face bent towards bum, feet off the floor, and face down to the floor. Your cat curls up when he is relatively less alert. As he might want to be alone at the same time, don't disturb your cat while sleeping.

No 4. Covered Eyes with their Paws



Cats often cover their eyes with paws or bury faces on the floor as if bowing when they want to shield their eyes from lights. Then, turn off the light and help him sleep well.

Sleeping Positions showing Trust


No 1. Lying Sideways or on its back



Your cat sleeping in this position is comfortable, stable, and relaxed. Cats often sleep deeply in this position.

No 2. Placing their Bum towards You



If your cat sleeps with his bum towards you, it means his strong affection and trust. This is because cats are unlikely to expose their back or butt as a natural trait unless they are highly relaxed.

No 3. All Legs Stretched Out and Belly Up



Your cat in this position trusts you and is highly relaxed, without need to be alert. Also, if he sticks to the wall with his body stretched out, it may mean it’s hot, so check the room temperature.

No 4. Sleeping with You



Cats bonded to their owner want to sleep together. Especially if you have been caring for your cat from a very young age, he will think of you as a mom cat and sleep together near your face or belly.

Sleeping Positions showing Health Issues


No 1. Sleeping in a cool place



When it’s hot, cats often sleep on the porch or bathroom tiles. However, if they do this while it is not hot, check if he has a fever or illness.

No 2. Snoring



Unusual severe snoring may be a symptom of diseases such as rhinitis, cold, or nasal tumor. If your cat's snoring is unusual, go see a vet and check if it is normal.

No 3. Curl Up in the Corner



Sleeping crouched may mean a cat has wounds or pain. Check whether he has difficulties in breathing, fever, or wounds.

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