6 Signs Your Cat Gets Jealous


Cats are known to be arrogant and independent. Therefore, people think that cats don’t get jealous, but they do in many cases. Your cat will get jealous, especially when you bring a new pet home. If it gets worse, your cat may show excessive jealousy resulting in depression or stress.

No 1. Staring at a Distance



Cats tend to be assertive. But, some cats are not. They just express their mood quietly by staring at you. If you have touched another cat outside and come back home, your cat may look at you from a distance differently than usual.


He may be jealous of an unfamiliar smell. After changing clothes and washing your hands, approach gently and pet him in a gentle voice.

No 2. Searching for unfamiliar smell



Cats' noses are much more sensitive than humans, so if you smell unfamiliar, your cat would persistently search for the smell. He may rub up against you to leave a scent mark.

No 3. Interfering



If your cat interferes when you focus on a book, cell phone, laptop, TV, etc., he is trying to get your attention. Cats highly engaged to their owners are likely to get jealous because they want consistent attention. In this case, take a break for playtime.

No 4. Biting Your Hands or Feet



Cats could become aggressive because of jealousy. Scolding for biting or scratching caused by jealousy can worsen the relationship with your cat. He may have done this to get your attention because he's worried about you taking care of other things. Give him more love, and not punishment.

No 5. Spraying



Your cat may spray in stressful or jealous environments, such as a new pet coming home. If he leaves urine marks on furniture or beds, he is trying to get your attention by being territorial. Cats are very sensitive to environmental changes. Cat spray is not just a mistake, it’s a sign of lots of stress.

No 6. Excessive Meowing



Cats easily show jealousy by crying. If your cat suddenly makes a loud noise, chase or stares at you, it may mean that he wants to get your attention, so don't ignore him.

What to Consider When Having Multiple Cats


What if your cat becomes very jealous when a new cat comes home? Check out the precautions when raising multiple cats.

No 1. The Personality of the First Cat



Adopting a new cat can be quite stressful for your cat. Particularly, if he has a strong desire to possess and a strong attachment to you, he may get jealous excessively of a new cat.

No 2. Quarantine Period



Cats are extremely territorial and highly alert to unfamiliar objects. First, be sure to quarantine when the new cat arrives. Next, let the cats sense cries and smell without direct contact step by step. Then, gradually increase the time to see each other in one room.

No 3. Caring for Your Existing Cat



The most important thing in a multi-cat family is to give priority to the old cat. If the newcomer is a kitten, you may be obsessed with its cuteness, but in this case, there is a risk that the old cat will become jealous and hardly accept the new one. Make sure the old cat has priority in the ranks.

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