6 Reasons Why Dogs Bite or Lick Their Paws and Feet


You may have noticed your dog often bites or licks the paws. Almost every dog does this, so you don’t have to worry too much. However, if your dog licks just too much, you need to figure out what the problem is.

No 1. Dry Skin



Dogs’ skin can get dry or flaky when the weather changes. In this case, your dog may bite or lick their paws or feet.


Apply essential oils such as olive oil, coconut oil or avocado oil 2 to 3 times a week. It will help soothe itchy area.

No 2. Eczema



Excessive licking or biting is one of the symptoms of eczema. If your dog is hypersensitive and exposed to certain substances like chemicals, your dog will be vulnerable to eczema. Make sure you clean and dry their feet when needed.

No 3. Allergy



Your dog may be allergic and bite their paws. There are many causes for allergy such as pollen, fungus and chemicals. Also, some dogs are allergic to certain food including beef, chicken, dairy products, wheat, and eggs.


If your dog seems to have food allergy, check if there are other signs like vomiting or diarrhea.

No 4. Wounds



Dogs instinctively lick the wound area. They sometimes get injured on a walk. If your dog licks their paws compulsively after a walk, check their paws immediately and see if you see any wounds.


If you see no wound but your dog gets aggressive, your dog might have broken toes. So, be sure to look closely.

No 5. Ticks & Fleas



Dogs can lick their feet to remove ticks or fleas. If you have walked your dog in the grass, check if your dog has ticks or fleas on the skin.

No 6. Stress



Dogs may lick their feet out of stress, fear or anxiety. It is like some people bite their fingernails when they get nervous. In particular, dogs who have ever been abandoned or traumatized are likely to have this type of behavioral problem.

What if biting or licking gets too excessive?



Biting or licking is not a big issue most of the cases. However, it could cause inflammation when it is too excessive.


Also, secondary bacterial infections may develop if your dog keeps licking wounds. If your dog bites or licks too compulsively, check whether your dog has any health issues or get stressed out.

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