4 Ways To Apologize To Your Cat


No 1. Leave Them Alone



Cats have a sensitive personality, so they will hide if the owner surprises them or does something that they don’t like. This includes situations such as when the owner accidentally steps on the cats’ tail or when they have to be medicated.


If your cat is hiding from you, you should not approach them forcibly even if you feel sorry. Once your cat feels better and comes back to you, you should carefully apologize to him/her.

No 2. Talk Gently To Them



Cats cannot comprehend the owner’s apology. If a person apologizes in an exaggerated manner as if they are apologizing to another human, cats may feel frightened. Instead, so as not to provoke your cat, you should avoid making eye contact and apologize in a small voice while lowering your body.


However, if you hang onto your cat for too long for the purpose of apologizing, he/she may feel annoyed so it is best to keep your apology short and simple.

No 3. Give Them Their Favorite Snack



If there’s a snack that your cat likes, giving him/her the snack is another good way to apologize. You should cautiously call your cat while holding his/her favorite snack. If your cat has blown off steam, he/she may come to you and take the snack.


However, if he/she does not approach you even when his/her favorite snack is offered, it could mean that your cat has not yet calmed down. You should give time and wait until your cat approaches you on his/her own.

No 4. Pat Them When They Come Near



If your cat who has been surprised approaches you on his/her own, you should do things that he/she likes. For instance, if your cat likes physical touch, you should stroke the area that he/she enjoys being patted.


If he/she likes to play, you should play hide-and-seek or hunting games to soothe their mind. Once your cat spends enough time having fun with you, he/she will soon relax their mind.

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